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Dear visitor welcome! 

We are a new business directory, classifieds and advertising site.

This site is designed for dealerships and other business related to the automotive industry in Canada.

Our listings will include a description and location of your business, logo, address, telephone, fax number, email address, photos, social media, a link to your website, we also offer a limited number of exclusive high profile banner ads on our home page.

We offer four different advertising plans for the directory, to choose your plan, visit advertise with us page.

Free classifieds are also available for anyone to use.

For the home page banner ads you need to contact us at

Our goal is to help our members with greater business exposure in the marketplace, and to help you the consumer find the business and services of your needs.

Note: You need to login or register first before you can add a listing in our directory.

Thank you for visiting our site.